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Oh, the best AS3 decompiler just got an update. RT @as3sorcerer: Download AS3 Sorcerer 1.06 at - @elsassph
Philippe Elsass, December 2010, about version 1.06 update.


AS3 Sorcerer's help documentation is available online at

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Email Support

You can contact our support at Make sure you state 'AS3S' or 'AS3 Sorcerer' in the subject line of your email, else we may miss it. If you have a license, please state your order ID in your email or write to us from your registered email address.


How is AS3 Sorcerer different than ASV?

If you are an ASV user
You can think AS3 Sorcerer as the 'Actionscripts' tab of ASV with pre-selected options, only for AS3 files. No p-code (disassembly), no ABC browsing, no decompile options, no search, no string pool editing just the script tree, decompiled scripts and file information dialog. If you have ASV, you don't *need* AS3 Sorcerer, though you may like it and find it useful.

If you are not an ASV user
ASV is the big brother, very big brother... ASV is also a resource extractor, SWF and ABC internals browser but it can sometimes be not so easy to use (as more features require a more complicated user experience). ASV supports AS1/2 too. ASV is the first ever Flash - actionscript decompiler, released in May 2000, even supports Flash 4 'slash' syntax (which was the syntax before Flash 5's 'dot' syntax was introduced).

ASV has too many features to list here, lets just conclude that these applications are not directly comparable - they are that much different. ASV also costs considerably more than AS3 Sorcerer.

Usually, the decompile results of AS3 Sorcerer are the same with ASV, because they use the same engine. But because engine options are not exposed in AS3 Sorcerer, this is not always true.
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AS3 Sorcerer does not accept my registration code.

AS3 Sorcerer licenses never expire, but each license is valid for new versions (updates/upgrades) released within a limited time period after your purchase.

To clarify, AS3 Sorcerer licenses are perpetual, they are NOT subscriptions, they do NOT expire.

If you have a license, to obtain a previous version of AS3 Sorcerer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are there any tools (by other vendors) you recommend, related to Flash/AS3 development?

Yes, there are!

FlashDevelop is a free and open source (MIT license) source code editor.

FlashDevelop offers first class support for Flash ActionScript (2 and 3) and haXe development: great and fast code completion & code generation, projects compilation & debugging, plenty of project templates, SWF/SWC exploration and more.

The Miner, by Sociodox, is the most complete set of tools to debug and profile AS3 Flash and Air applications. A multi-purpose profiler designed to help improve productivity and stability during development by exposing “under the hood” representation of any Flash scene.

FREE for non-commercial projects. (Don't forget to read the EULA).


  • You can open a SWF (Flash) file by draging and dropping it onto the main window.
  • SWC files are in ZIP format. You can easily extract contents if you first rename one to .ZIP. You can then feed the SWF files found in the SWC to AS3 Sorcerer.
  • You can zoom in/out on scripts by pressing ctrl + / ctrl - keys.
  • You can change the display/script fonts using the preferences dialog.
  • You can change the skin by right clicking the icon on the upper left corner.