AS3 Sorcerer Download

If you're looking for a (better) Flash Action Script 3 decompiler, give @as3sorcerer a try - efficient, great support, cheap! - @angealbertini
Ange Albertini, Reverse engineer, author of @Corkami, February 2015

AS3 Sorcerer demo/trial is not available for download (since September 2020). If you have a license and need AS3 Sorcerer setup, please contact us and we will provide you a temporary download. Thank you.

System Requirements

MS Windows XP or higher. (Will run in a virtual PC environment).

Trial Mode vs. Licensed Mode

If you don't have a license (and your registration code), AS3 Sorcerer will run in Trial Mode. Here are the differences in trial mode:
  • Trial mode reminder dialogs will be displayed randomly.
    These reminder dialogs can be dismissed easily by any key or mouse click.
  • Random fields in File Information dialog will be masked.
    When re-opened, the dialog will show different fields masked.
  • AS3 formatting options will not be available and will be set randomly each time AS3 Sorcerer is started.
  • None of the copy or save commands are available in trial mode. In trial mode, AS3 Sorcerer is essentially a viewer.
  • Most importantly, in trial mode, you are not supposed to use the software for any purpose other than trial purposes - no, unfortunately not even personal use is allowed.
    On the other hand, AS3 Sorcerer is quite affordable...
Other notes:
  • Whether in trial mode or not, AS3 Sorcerer does not expire.
  • Decompilation results are exactly the same for trial and licensed modes.

Awards and Certifications

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia Editor's Pick (Brothersoft) 100% CLEAN award granted by GearDownload

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