HTTPS Access

tl;dr (Summary) Please continue with, or, bookmark one of the following links, if the first one does not work for you, try the second one, and use the third if necessary:

  1. (Encrypted)

  2. (Encrypted, but URL is not conventional, hard to remember)

  3. (Not encrypted)

AS3 Sorcerer site ( has been served over HTTP (not encrypted) and is still available over HTTP for compatibility reasons:

(Note: Our online purchasing pages -not hosted on has always been served over secure HTTPS with maximum encryption via our payment provider partners).

Since mid-March 2016 you can also access the site over HTTPS:

If you are on Windows XP SP2, or on XP SP3 and a browser like Chrome (Kudos to Firefox, which works well where Chrome fails), you can access our site over HTTPS via the following link:

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer users probbaly will need to revert to HTTP connection.

We do not and have never collected any user entered data (on, so a secure connection is for your general convenience and while we do support 'all HTTPS browsing experience', no user data is endangered by unencrypted browsing of

Thank you.
March 17, 2016

Notes: is our domain, not a 3rd party service. Also, we do not use any 3rd party CDN service.